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Strata Management for New Developments

Strata support from concept to completion and beyond

There are currently 2.5 million people living in apartments in Australia. It is a popular choice for everyone from younger millennials to retirees looking for somewhere with low maintenance, a surrounding community and a vibrant location.

However Strata Properties are unlike normal green-titled blocks. When someone buys into a Strata property they are buying ownership into a larger building including a portion of the common area – making selling and explaining strata complex. 

ESM Strata has been providing development consultancy services supporting developers and agents navigate Strata since our inception 38 years ago. We continue to support buildings across the Western Australian landscape from the concept stage all the way through to completion and management. Our Strata Managers are experts in Strata law and can help you ensure your building is set up in the best possible way for owners.

Here’s how we can help:

After development/local shire/JDAP approval, it is important to engage a Strata Manager to work with your legal team in providing documents required for your Pre-contractual Disclosure Statements and to provide guidance and advice on the proposed strata plan prepared by your surveyor.
We can help you prepare:

  • Draft budget
  • Draft levies
  • Proposed management agreement
  • By-laws (prepared in conjunction with a specialised strata lawyer)
  • Draft Strata Plan (prepared in conjunction with surveyor)

Working together to produce these documents helps us bring your vision for your development to life.

The Strata Manager can meet with your sales team to assist them in knowing more about the Strata plan for the building and selling the benefits of that specific site.

It is important to understand the Strata you are selling and the intricacies that are unique to that particular development.

At any point, your Strata Manager can provide additional information that helps answer queries coming from potential buyers.

After practical completion and residents begin moving into their accomodation we will hold a Statutory General Meeting to affirm the budget and levies for the Strata Company.

To ensure the strata company can get off to the best start, we encourage the Strata Company to hold an information night for owners. This is a great opportunity to educate Owners new to strata and to establish a sense of community which is vital to any successful strata scheme.

Within the next 15 months, the first official Annual General Meeting will be held and a Council of the Strata Company will be nominated. 

After this we resume the management support of the Strata Complex.

Our experienced team of qualified Strata Managers can be engaged in a consulting capacity to ensure everything is progressing with the development of the strata property.

Having such input will ensure the development can resolve any unforeseen issues with bylaws and the strata plan before it is lodged with Landgate. This will benefit the developer and future owners in the scheme.

Some of the developments we support

ESM Strata proudly supports over 850 strata schemes to ensure a high standard of management for the owners.

We specialise in working with developers from concept to delivery and beyond. We value long-term relationships where the focus is on building a great community and showcasing your brand.

Our offering includes Technology solutions, Sustainability initiatives with a professional service and a hands on approach. With over 38 years as Perth’s leading Strata Management company, we are your trusted partner for new developments.

Bring Strata Knowledge to your next sales opportunity

Download our complete guide to selling strata

A 30+ page resource for selling and promoting Strata Title properties for agents, developers and brokers

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WA’s most trusted partner in delivering Strata Management Services

Exclusive Strata Management is Perth’s largest and most experienced Strata Management Company. We partner with Strata Companies to guarantee the smooth and effective running of your strata complex, through creating alignment and trust between ourselves and the councillors we support, prioritising education, living by our co-created values and committing to the highest level of support and communication.


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WA’s most trusted partner in delivering Strata Management Services


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