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Driveways in strata properties may not always steal the spotlight, but they play a crucial role that demands careful attention and expert management.

Here’s why this shared space demands our attention at ESM Strata:

Ownership and Responsibility
Driveways within a strata community are typically categorized as common property. This means that the Strata Company (made up of all owners) will need to look after the maintenance, repair, and overall upkeep and the responsibility and ownership does not fall to any one person. Driveways are a shared space, so it is important to consider other residents who are using this space as well.

Maintenance and Care
Regular upkeep of driveways is paramount to ensure their safety and functionality. This includes addressing wear and tear, debris removal, and prompt repair of any damages. ESM Strata, in collaboration with owners and residents, devises a comprehensive maintenance schedule to keep the driveways in optimal condition. Your reserve fund and 10 year maintenance plan will likely have consideration for driveways and any ongoing repair or maintenance requirements to ensure it is a safe path for residents and guests.

Usage Regulations
Strata by-laws may dictate rules governing driveway usage, such as speed limits, parking restrictions, and guidelines for activities like sports. These regulations aim to maintain pedestrian safety and protect vehicles and the driveway surface from damage. Generally driveways should be kept open and accessible by all users so it is important to limit any unnecessary parking in the driveways or throughways. Shared spaces like driveways can sometimes spark disputes so if there are any specific usage requirements, consider implementing house rules, which outline usage to all residents for the harmonious usage of the space.

Insurance and Liability

Accidents can occur so it is important your building has adequate insurance coverage for common property areas, including driveways, to mitigate potential liabilities. ESM Strata can assist you with insurance requirements outlined in the Act, safeguarding against unforeseen damages and liabilities. Driveways in strata properties transcend mere vehicular pathways; they represent shared spaces that necessitate meticulous planning, ongoing maintenance, and community cooperation. A well-maintained driveway not only enhances the property’s visual appeal but also promotes safety and functionality.

For expert advice and assistance, reach out to our dedicated Strata team at ESM Strata. Your driveway and peace of mind are our priority.