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Sustainability in Strata

At ESM Strata, we support the changes that can be made to progress to a more sustainable lifestyle and reduce our environmental impact. Strata Companies can make significant improvements to become more environmentally friendly, reduce ongoing costs, and modernise buildings and facilities. There is a lot to consider when owners of Strata and communal living properties want to implement these improvements, so ESM Strata is providing owners, residents and property managers with advice and tools to help reach your sustainable goals as simply as possible.

Reducing your strata’s environmental impact.

The Australian Government has committed to reaching Net Zero Emissions by 2050. Every member of our community needs to make changes to reach this goal, not just big business and government. Strata Owners have the potential to make a huge impact if they take accountability for the emissions they produce and their overall impact on the environment.

For strata-titled properties, the legislation and regulation can seem complex and restrictive, making it appear more difficult to implement sustainability initiatives. However, with the right support and information, you can achieve goals and reach milestones that are more magnified and rewarding than those you’d receive from a green-titled family home.

The key is knowing what to do and how to go about getting any changes implemented. Not only will implementing sustainability measures reduce your strata property’s environmental impact, but it can also help you and the Strata Company save a lot of money. We have compiled various resources and articles for property managers, owners, and residents to better understand sustainability in strata, and how to navigate the obstacles to get your ideas approved and in your property.

Why your investment makes sense

Sustainability in Strata is Financially Logical.

Sustainability is about so much more than improving the environment and doing your part to reach Net Zero Emissions. By considering the long-term benefits of how you spend your money and making necessary adjustments (such as spending a bit more for a better product or modernising the building) you might be able to save more in the long term.

You can take simple steps like getting a ‘Containers for Change’ bin or installing sensor LED lights, or you can make large improvements such as installing solar panels and replacing heavy maintenance lawn with native gardens. By spending Strata funds consciously, you are working towards reducing ongoing strata levies and decreasing the environmental impact of the property. Other investments like EV charging and community gardens are measured by the increase in value of the property over time.

Sustainability in Strata

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The positive effects of gardens

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Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

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Energy Management

Why should our strata consider an Embedded Network?

Contestable Energy Consumer

Lighting – Are your lights LED yet and what are you paying for it

Renewable Power

Solar in Strata – what to consider first

Waste Management

How do I get a FOGO bin?

Containers for Change in Strata

The ideal bin room

Want to learn more?

At ESM Strata, we are dedicated to making positive changes to reduce our impact on the environment. Whether you are a strata property manager, owner, or resident looking to improve sustainability, we have a dedicated support team to help you find what it is you are looking for. Get in touch using the form below.


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