ESM Strata is WA’s most trusted partner in delivering professional Strata Management Services. We work with over 3500 suppliers in Western Australia in order to service the needs of the strata companies we manage.

Invoice Submission

Trusted service providers for Strata Properties

It is essential that we partner with professional and reliable service providers. Since 1986, we have been working closely with a large number of suppliers to assist in the maintenance and upkeep of Strata properties and common grounds.
At all times, ESM’s supplier network must comply with legislation which, among other things, includes obligation under Work Health and Safety (WHS), contractor safety compliance, licenses, trade certification, Work-cover, public liability and professional indemnity insurance and trade monitors compliancy certificate.

The combination of these ensures that a supplier is compliant as per the Strata Titles legislation. As part of our Strata Management service, ESM will coordinate the management of any maintenance or other services with suppliers on behalf of the strata company.
We do not receive commissions or other commercial benefits from contractors engaged on behalf of a scheme.

Working with ESM and the Strata Companies we manage:

To become an approved supplier with ESM, you will need to ensure you hold the relevant licences and insurances to guarantee compliance with the Strata Titles act. Once approved, you will become part of our supplier network that we call on to quote on work that is requested by the Strata Companies we manage.

As part of our supplier compliance process, you will be contacted once a year to update/confirm your details in our system including updated copies of the relevant licences and insurances you hold.

Things to note when you become an approved Supplier

Things to note:

When you become an approved supplier, please note the following:

  1. You should not provide any service(s) unless you have received a work order requesting the service(s).
  2. Any work order(s) you receive to supply service(s) will be addressed from the relevant Strata Company and not from Exclusive Strata Management.
  3. All Supplier invoices must be sent to in PDF format. Invoices not sent to this address or sent in a different format will delay processing and therefore payment of the invoice. If you would like to submit an invoice please click here.
  4. With the exception of some contracted services, Exclusive Strata Management generally has no authority to approve the payment of any invoices. Once an invoice is received and entered into the Strata Management system it is forwarded to the relevant Strata Company’s Council of Owners for approval.
  5. Once approval is provided by the majority of Council Members the invoice will be flagged for payment in the Strata Management System with payments made on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s each week.
  6. You will receive a Remittance Advice only if you have supplied an email address.
  7. If you believe a payment is overdue please email
  8. As part of Exclusive Strata Management’s Supplier Compliance Process, you will be contacted once a year to update/confirm your details, provide copies of relevant insurance certificates and any licences that you are required to maintain in order for you to legally provide the services you offer.