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Living in a strata apartment can be a delightful experience, offering convenience, community, and shared amenities. However, communal living also requires cooperation and respect for one another’s space and rights. In Australia, particularly in Western Australia, the rules and regulations governing strata living are outlined in the Strata Titles Act, providing a framework for peaceful coexistence within these shared spaces. 

When it comes to harmonious strata living, we examine the topic through 3 main lenses:

  1. By-Laws (enforced)
  2. House Rules (recommended)
  3. Self-regulation


By-laws are a set of duties, obligations, procedural matters and behavioural rules for owners, occupiers and visitors of a strata property. Unlike House Rules, By-Laws are legally binding documents that are registered at Landgate. All Schemes follow a standard set of By-Laws with some schemes having additional By-Laws they may have adopted over time. By-Laws will often contain things that help promote harmonious living in strata apartments. Schedule 2 by-laws, specifically, are intended to ensure that residents within the complex can live harmoniously. Negative behaviours, such as, excessive noise, littering or parking in ways that cause a nuisance to others – are all breaches of the by-laws.

House Rules

House Rules, although often written into the Strata Plan, are more about assisting in the maintenance of the community and harmonious living within a scheme by outlining general rules and guidelines for occupants. House rules only serve as a guide and cannot be enforced unless they are registered as a By-Law on the Strata Plan. They may impose requirements for such things such as the times that tradespeople may carry out work at a lot, or where visitors may park, or opening times of the swimming pool etc.


As an owner or resident of a Strata Complex, considering what harmonious strata living means to you and then respecting those behaviours is a great way of ensuring the community remains harmonious. There are many ways you can consider this in your day to day life within a strata community. These things are not written or governed, but all contribute to the smooth running in strata apartments.

1. Respect Common Areas
Common areas such as hallways, lobbies, and recreational facilities belong to all residents. It’s essential to respect these spaces by keeping them clean and tidy. Avoid leaving personal belongings in common areas, and be mindful of noise levels, especially during quiet hours.

2. Communicate Effectively with other owners and council members
Open and respectful communication is key to maintaining harmony in strata apartments. Participate in strata meetings, voice your concerns, and listen to the perspectives of others. Establishing clear channels of communication can help address issues promptly and prevent misunderstandings.

3. Contribute to Maintenance and community activities.
Strata living involves shared responsibility for the upkeep of the building and its facilities. Consider contributing to things like busy-bee cleanups, or general tidying of common areas. Take pride in your shared space fosters a sense of belonging and community spirit.

4. Respect everyone’s Privacy
While living in close proximity to others, respecting privacy is essential. Avoid unnecessary intrusion into your neighbors’ space and adhere to privacy regulations outlined in the Strata Titles Act. Be mindful of noise levels, even if they aren’t deemed “excessive”.

 5. Stay Informed
Keep yourself informed about any developments or changes within the strata community. Attend meetings, read newsletters, and stay updated on important decisions or initiatives undertaken by the strata committee. Being informed allows you to actively participate in shaping the community and ensures that your voice is heard.

Harmonious living in Strata apartments requires a collective effort from all residents. By adhering to the regulations outlined in the Strata Titles Act, respecting one another’s rights, and fostering open communication, residents can create a welcoming and harmonious living environment. Embracing the principles of cooperation and mutual respect enhances the quality of life for everyone within the strata community.