After-Hours Maintenance

What is Emergency Maintenance?

An issue that occurs after hours and requires immediate rectification for the safety of all owners and residents, or an issue with the building that will cause further damage if not addressed immediately.

In case of an emergency such as fire, injury or theft, please call 000 immediately.

If you are a tenant, you are not authorised to arrange repairs without permission from the owner of the unit.  Please contact the person you pay rent to (either owner or property manager) and report the matter directly to them so they can action.

If you are an owner or Property Manager, please see the below list of contractors which can be contacted directly after-hours.  ESM reserves the right to refuse payment of after-hours invoices if they are considered to be non-urgent.  Please note that if the cost of this service is deemed to be the lot owner’s responsibility, the fee will be on-charged to them.

Please email us to notify us of the issue and the action you have taken.



In the case of no water to the property, please call or check the Water Corps website outages page to ensure there are no disruptions to your area.

Hayes Plumbing (NOR)                       0411 546 108 or

JTK Property Services                          0423 880 774 or

Ballantyne Plumbing (SOR)                9535 4365



In the case of a blackout, please call or check Western Power website’s outages page to ensure there are no disruptions to your area

Steven Murphy Electrical           9381 7711 (will divert to after-hours number)

JTK Property Services                0423 880 774 or



Glass Plus                                 0419 777 001 or



JTK Property Services                0423 880 774 or


LIFT/ ELEVATOR                        Refer to signage on the elevator for direct contact details


SECURITY GATE                         Refer to  signage on the gate, and contact the specified contractor directly.