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Commercial Strata Management Services

ESM Strata is WA’s most trusted partner in delivering professional Commercial Strata Management Services. Our focus is maintaining robust and meaningful relationships with our clients through offering professional and timely services and support.

Perth Strata Management Services for Commercial properties.

Here at Exclusive Strata Management our team of strata managers are experienced with dealing with the complexities presented by commercial strata schemes, which are significantly different to the management of residential strata schemes.

Our strata managers are dedicated professionals with knowledge and skills that ensure your strata company is managed at or above industry best practice standards. We understand that every strata company has its own unique circumstances which may be determined by age and location of the property, the use of the lots and the applicable by-laws.

How we help:

We ensure your company always complies with the Strata Titles Act. We also support you in the smooth and efficient running of all Strata Company related matters.

Financial Support

Exclusive Strata Management takes the hassle out of managing all of the finer financial matters associated with strata including the preparation of ABN applications, GST registration, maintenance of all accounts and reports, raising levies, providing reporting and more.

Secretarial and Administrative Support

We look after things such as the maintenance of the minute book and record of notices and resolutions, maintenance of a roll of proprietors, maintenance and issuance of keys and access devices, the production of documents and records for advisors and more.

Council of Owners Support of routine activities

ESM's Strata Managers will arrange routine day-to-day maintenance, repair and replacement of common property, process any insurance claims, prepare and distribute notices, act as chairman of meetings if required and more.

Education, Advice and Assistance to the Council

At ESM our team of qualified strata managers will ensure that your strata company adheres to all of the relevant by-laws as well as provide advice to the Council on finances, provide general management advice on by-law changes, dispute resolution, and more.

Technology you will love

We’ve harnessed industry-leading technology to bring your Strata Company tools that make management easier.

Customer Portal

The ESM Customer Portal is an online portal for every owner to access levies, minutes, policies and more quickly and easily. This provides 247 access to important info when your company needs it. Learn More >

ESM Strata Knowledgebase

The ESM Knowledgebase is a platform with hundreds of answers to frequently asked questions including references to the act, and real examples to help owners and council members navigate strata in their property. Explore the Knowledgebase >

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WA’s most trusted partner in delivering Strata Management Services

Exclusive Strata Management is Perth’s largest and most experienced Strata Management Company. We partner with Strata Companies to guarantee the smooth and effective running of your strata complex, through creating alignment and trust between ourselves and the councillors we support, prioritising education, living by our co-created values and committing to the highest level of support and communication.


years supporting Strata Companies as Perth’s leading Strata Management Company


Strata Companies partner with us in the management of their Strata Complex


home owners trust us with the Strata Management of their biggest assets


team members working together to support you and your strata company

WA’s most trusted partner in delivering Strata Management Services


Compiled by the ESM Education Team

Learn more about ESM, discover the latest Strata news and see more of what ESM is undertaking within your area or in the greater Perth region. For specific support on strata-related queries, visit our new support site.