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About ESM

WA’s Largest Dedicated Strata Management Company for 38 years

Exclusive Strata Management has been providing professional and practical Strata Management services to strata companies in WA since its establishment in 1986.

The team at Exclusive Strata Management are dedicated professionals whose knowledge and skills ensure that each strata company has ready access to advice and resources, ensuring that its affairs are effectively managed at an affordable cost and in accordance with client expectations.

A professionally operated business that has retained the family values of its founder, Exclusive Strata Management’s main focus is providing its customers with exceptional service at market competitive rates. We endeavour to go the extra mile to support all of our stakeholders in the ESM community and in the wider community.


Our purpose is to be WA’s most trusted partner in delivering Strata Management Services

Celebrate our customers

Build a trusted supplier network

Enable your peers

Engage our communities

Challenge inequality

Dare to think differently


“ESM was a small family business and all the staff were an extension of my own family.”

In 1975, nearing my 30th birthday in South Africa my wife and I came over to Perth to start our new life with $500, our 2 year old daughter and a suitcase of clothes each. In 1990 I had a property management business and was asked to do some strata management. I am a pedantic and passionate person with a need to know all the details in any profession. I attended courses and realised that there were not many strata specialists in that field. My learning process took about two years and led to me selling my property management business, which gave me the capital to build Exclusive Strata Management (ESM). 

In those days, ESM was a small family business and all the staff were an extension of my own family. We all worked together and were willing to go the extra mile for our customers. I enjoyed the opportunities to assist our clients and mediate the numerous issues they faced. My building background allowed me to identify building issues others didn’t see. A unique skill set, empathy and drive to provide top service meant that I could offer a well-rounded and valuable service to strata companies and over the next few years, ESM grew to become WA’s largest specialist strata management business. – Jake Kneebone

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WA’s most trusted partner in delivering Strata Management Services


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