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At ESM, we understand that choosing a Strata Manager can be daunting – this is why every enquiry is completely obligation free. Your potential new Strata Manager will come present a proposal specific to your complex and walk you through the many ways in which ESM works to prioritise trust and alignment with our clients and partners.

Questions we hear a lot

Our Strata Manager is not doing what we ask and never responds to our emails/requests. What can we do?

If your Strata Manager is not following clear instructions from the Council of Owners, there may be cause to serve notice on the Strata Manger and seek to terminate the contract. If a contract is in place and there is no cause, additional fees may apply. Unsure what to do next in this situation? Read our guide on when you should change Strata Management Companies for further assistance.

Are we allowed to move Strata Management Companies?

Yes! It is your Strata Company.
Feel like your strata services aren’t being fulfilled but unsure what to do next? Read our guide on when you should change Strata Management Companies for assistance.

Can we terminate our current contract?

Yes, any contract can be terminated however there may be different terms/conditions that apply. We can only provide general advice on such matters and some possible options for the strata company, along with a complying draft Termination Notice. We strongly recommend seeking legal advice from suitably qualified lawyers.

How do we serve notice to our Strata Manager?

There may be a condition in your contract requiring you serve notice to the current manager before termination can proceed. ESM Strata can provide you with a complying draft Termination Notice, however pending the circumstances of your termination you may need to seek legal advice.

What costs are involved? Are there setup/handover fees?

ESM does not charge any set-up fees.

Other service providers may and your current Strata Manager might have terms and conditions that apply. This will depend on the terms of which you are terminating your current contract, so we recommend you check what’s stated in the contract.

How long does the handover process take?

It’s best to allow 3-4 weeks for your handover period. Each Strata Manager compiles Strata Company records in a different manner so this can result in a faster or slower setup. Financially speaking, the record we setup are a line in the sand and previous financials and records will be held in the previous format, be it digital or physical archive.

Do you pick up the strata complex records?

ESM will manage the entire handover process on behalf of the Council of Owners.

This involves liaising with the current Strata Manager, receiving all records, entering data, reviewing current issues and producing a report for the strata Council ‘as at date of handover’.

Do we have to open a bank account?

ESM will open an account in the name of the Strata Company as part of the handover process. All accounts are with Macquarie Bank.

Do we have to use your suppliers?

Whilst ESM has over 5,000 trusted suppliers on our system, we encourage the Strata Company to continue using their preferred suppliers.

As part of the handover process we will set them up in our system which will allow us to issue work orders and pay invoices.

What does ESM Strata do with our Strata Records?

ESM Strata digitises all Strata records safely and securely. After you join ESM Strata and handover your records we will digitise the required records and the council can choose to retain the physical records or we can destroy them.

If you want to have a chat to us first, just give us a call on 08 9362 1166 or email