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This month we asked our Strata Managers what the one thing was they wished everyone knew about Strata Managers. In the context of strata properties, Strata Managers play a pivotal role in supporting council members in the effective running of their strata complex. However, despite the important position that a Strata Manager plays within their strata community, there still many common misconceptions regarding the full extent of their responsibilities. We’ve asked some of the ESM Strata team members what they wish everyone knew about their job. 

The number one thing I wish people knew about being a Strata manager

  1. What an average day looks like
  2. We are not the strata company, we are the strata management company
  3. Our goal is to assist in the managing of properties
  4. We are hard working and go above and beyond
  5. Strata managers do not make any decisions on behalf of the strata company
  6. We have feelings

What an average day looks like.
“A typical day as a strata manager is really dynamic and multifaceted, involving a range of responsibilities to ensure the smooth operation of strata properties. Many of us support in the management of tens of companies so there are many different conversations and people to correspond with. This is what a usual day looks like:

The day often begins with reviewing correspondence and addressing any urgent matters, such as maintenance requests or inquiries from owners. Throughout the day, tasks may include coordinating repairs and maintenance, liaising with contractors and service providers, attending meetings with the council of the strata company or owners, and preparing financial reports. Strata managers also play a vital role in enforcing bylaws, resolving disputes, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations so there is quite a lot of that as well. Additionally, they may spend time communicating with owners, providing updates on ongoing projects and addressing any concerns or queries. Each day presents unique challenges and opportunities for strata managers to effectively manage the property and promote harmonious living within the strata community.”

We are not the strata company
“Although they sound very similar, there are crucial differences between the Strata Company and the Strata Management Company. A strata company is defined as a group of people who have purchased a lot within a strata scheme. Where as the strata management company is hired to support the strata company in the management of day to day activities to run it. The words are very similar so there is often a bit of confusion.”

Our goal is to assist in managing properties and ensure residents can live harmoniously with each other.
“Our main goal as Strata Managers is to help manage day to day operations so that everyone that lives within the property gets along smoothly and day to day living is improved. Some of the ways we do this are by overseeing maintenance, handling disputes, and providing support when needed. We all strive to create a peaceful and cooperative atmosphere within the community. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that every resident feels comfortable and happy in their living environment.”

We are hardworking, multi-tasking individuals that often go above and beyond
“As strata managers, we pride ourselves on our dedication and ability to juggle various tasks simultaneously. Our inboxes and phone logs are always really full! So we all work super hard to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional service to our clients. Often, we find ourselves going above and beyond to ensure that the needs of the strata community are met. Whether it’s handling emergencies, resolving disputes, or simply lending a helping hand, we try to approach each task with professionalism. It is a really rewarding job, and everyone in our team works really hard”

Strata managers do not make any decisions and we are not engineers and builders.
“It is VERY important for people to understand that Strata Managers do not make decisions, and are instead provided instructions by the Strata Company and the council of owners. We are not experts either in management or construction or engineering. We can only provide guidance that is relevant to the Strata Titles Act as well as our own experience. At the end of the day we are here to support the council members and enact their wishes. “

We have feelings.
“Despite their professional role, strata managers are also human beings with emotions and feelings. Treating them with respect and understanding can contribute to a more positive and productive working relationship.”