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The following information formed part of our winning submission for the CHU SCAWA Strata Community Management Awards 2023

ESM Strata stands out in the Strata Management industry through its unique customer service approach.

ESM Strata’s distinctive approach to customer service in the Strata Management industry is centred around three key pillars: our dedicated Customer Service and Support (CS&S) Team, our comprehensive self-service options, and our efficient Contractor Direct Line.

Our Dedicated Customer Service and Support team

This team represents a significant departure from the industry norm, offering a dedicated point of contact for all residents and owners as a first step, with a tiered escalation system and dedicated share strata manager assistant and lead strata manager above that. Our customer support is the first point of contact for most inquiries which gives time back to our managers. Our strata managers also have shared strata manager assistant allowing for processing tasks to be moved to them allowing the strata manager to provide the specialised support that is now expected of them and to develop strong working relationships with the council of owners and to enable them to provide a proactive style of management.

Self-service tools

We choose to empower our clients with knowledge and tools, so they can be in a better position to manage the day-to-day of their strata complexes. This includes a robust self-service portal as well as our Knowledge Base which offers valuable insights and guidance on hundreds of strata-related topics. These resources enable our clients to independently navigate strata-related matters, enhancing their self-sufficiency and knowledge.

Also unique is our Contractor Direct Line

Our Contractor Direct Line streamlines communication between contractors and our Strata Managers. This direct line expedites work order and quote request inquiries, ensuring quicker resolutions and an improved customer experience. This strategic alignment enables us to provide exceptional service marked by increased availability, quicker resolutions, and more personalized support, setting us apart as industry leaders committed to elevating the Strata Management experience.

In terms of leadership, ESM focuses on Team Leadership, Thought Leadership, and Community and Corporate Social Responsibility Leadership.

At ESM, leadership is more than just a buzzword; it’s our guiding principle that filters through every facet of our business. Our leadership philosophy is built within 4 key areas of our business:

Team Leadership

Within ESM, we cultivate a culture of empowerment, encouraging every team member to emerge as a leader from within. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. We accomplish this through in-house training and peer mentorship, equipping our employees with the skills and knowledge to excel in their roles and eventually step into leadership positions within the company. Using a modern organisation structure that harnesses teams instead of hierarchies, our team members have many opportunities to lead both voluntary and operational teams day-to-day.

Thought Leadership

In the ever-evolving Strata Management landscape, ESM doesn’t simply follow trends; we set them. Our thought leadership has manifested in our state-of-the-art Knowledgebase which focuses on sharing our industry insights with others from suppliers, to customers and wider members of the strata community. We also regularly contribute to publications like ‘lookup strata’ which further facilitate thought leadership in our wider strata community.

Community and Corporate Social Responsibility Leadership

Beyond our core business, we are deeply committed to making a positive impact. We have been one of the first Strata Companies in WA to really drive sustainability change amongst the properties we support the management of. We have a dedicated Sustainability team leader who works with buildings to work through changes and initiatives within their complex. We truly believe that by supporting our clients to make change we can together make a real impact.

Our commitment to professional development goes beyond statutory requirements, with initiatives like a dedicated people and culture leader, training budgets, Strata management training programs, and conflict resolution training. This ensures continuous learning and growth for the team.

At ESM, we go above and beyond to foster professional development, exceeding mandatory requirements. With a diverse team of over 45 members, we believe in personalising growth opportunities to empower our staff based on their motivations and career aspirations. We actively pursue CPD points through SCAWA, emphasising our dedication to continuous learning. We do this through a few key initiatives:

Dedicated people & culture leader

Our dedicated people and culture leader has an important role: to support each and every team member reach their goals – both professionally and personally with the recognition of the greater responsibility we have as an employee on the wellbeing of our team. The Adapt By Design software supports us to facilitate 1:1 catchups each month with every team member to discuss personal growth, team health and work connection. This conversation brings forth opportunities for us to provide further training, coaching or support.

Dedicated training budgets

Each team member at ESM Strata has a dedicated development training budget that they can use on development, training or further learning of their choice. For various team members, this has included things like attending sustainability events, conflict resolution training and team leadership courses.

Strata management training program

Team members within our CS&S team have the opportunity to join our Strata Management training program, which equips them with on the job training, mentorship and support to progress from a support team member to a Strata Management team member. This is a program that has been developed over a number of years that provides on the job skills and support for the next generation of Strata Managers.

Conflict resolution training

One of our most requested training and support topics is conflict resolution. We offer multiple training options under this banner for team members to better provide support to councils and our customers.

ESM’s efforts contribute to advancing the Strata Management industry by embracing innovation, engaging with strata communities, and promoting sustainability.

ESM Strata’s dedication to advancing the Strata Management industry has been instrumental in ushering in a new era of excellence that aligns with the ever-increasing expectations of our clients. We’re committed to being the catalyst for positive change in the strata industry, and our efforts have made a significant impact throughout the year.

The traditional perception of strata management as process-driven and reactive no longer aligns with the evolving needs of our clients. Our vision centres around cultivating a new generation of strata managers who embody resilience and innovation at their core. This transformation is vital as the strata industry confronts shifting dynamics, including the increasing complexity of buildings, the tech-savviness of owners, and unprecedented demands.

We’re doing this in a few ways:

  • We are at the forefront of industry progress, proactively seeking innovative solutions. Embracing technological advancements and modern practices is key to staying ahead of industry trends and continually improving our services.
  • Through continuous team member training, education, and mentorship, we’re not just preparing them for day-to-day challenges but for the evolving landscape of Strata Management. We’re shaping leaders who can navigate the future with confidence.
  • We actively engage with strata communities, sharing knowledge and fostering collaboration through our Knowledgebase platform, our contributions to ‘Lookup Strata’ and industry involvement. This engagement is not just about our clients but about creating a collective effort to drive positive change within the industry.
  • In addition to these initiatives, ESM Strata is continuously pushing for better sustainability practices amongst our clients and the wider community. We are using our communication channels to inform, inspire and educate communities about the huge impact they can have on sustainability for their buildings and their wider environment.

We were delighted to be recognised as the Large Strata Management Company of the Year and look forward to continuing to innovate and support our customers.