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This month we asked our Strata Managers what they believe is something that councils can implement that promotes harmonious strata living. Whilst our entire team recognises the importance of fostering harmony among residents to create a peaceful and cooperative environment, we know that the reality is not that simple. While conflicts may arise, implementing some proactive measures can significantly mitigate discord and promote a sense of unity. Here are a few initiatives that our Strata Managers recommend councils undertake to cultivate harmonious strata living. 

Our top initiatives for harmonious strata living:

  1. Establishing a single point of contact
  2. Effective communication
  3. More gatherings and community engagement
  4. Transparency and education

Establishing a Single Point of Contact

Designating a single point of contact between the Council of the Strata Company and the Strata Manager (ESM) streamlines communication and ensures clarity in decision-making processes. This liaison serves as a bridge, facilitating efficient exchange of information and addressing concerns promptly. This could be a chairperson or a nominated person who can act on behalf of all council members. This is especially important if there are up to 7 council members where things like approvals take a long period of time. 

Effective Communication

Establishing a culture of open communication among residents is really important and goes both ways. Lot owners and residents need to understand how to communicate with council members (AND who they are), and council members need to ensure they actively listen to residents’ concerns and take appropriate action promotes inclusivity and cooperation. It shouldn’t just be one way.

More gatherings and community engagement

All of our strata managers agree that regular gatherings such as low-key community events, sausage sizzles, Christmas parties or social gatherings, directly on-site encourages neighbourly interactions and strengthens community bonds. These events provide platforms for residents to engage with one another in a relaxed setting, thereby fostering a sense of belonging and collective responsibility for the well-being of the strata complex. It also shifts the connection away from formal Annual meetings where emotions can be tense. 

Transparency and education

We recognising that harmonious community living is closely tied to good governance so by promoting and prioritising transparency and education amongst strata companies, there will always be more harmony. This could be as simple as encouraging all owners to participate actively in decision-making processes and attending AGMs. This ensures any queries or questions about budgets, activities and rules can be discussed proactively.