Resort and Lifestyle Strata Management

ESM Strata is WA’s most trusted partner in delivering professional Strata Management Services for Resort and Lifestyle Strata Properties. Our focus is maintaining robust and meaningful relationships with our clients through offering professional and timely services and support.


Perth Strata Management Services for Resort and Lifestyle properties

Resort and lifestyle strata management services often come with a unique set of challenges due to the diverse groups of people involved with the strata development and their interests. Balancing the needs of your clients along with meeting the requirements of running the strata development is a tricky task and you will need support from the best.

The team at Exclusive Strata Management understand the complexities involved in resort and lifestyle strata schemes and our strata management services will ensure that your strata development is run as smoothly as possible. At ESM our services include:

Our strata managers are dedicated professionals with knowledge and skills that ensure your strata company is managed at or above industry best practice standards. We understand that every strata company has its own unique circumstances which may be determined by age and location of the property, the use of the lots and the applicable by-laws.

How we help:

We ensure your company always complies with the Strata Titles Act. We also support you in the smooth and efficient running of all Strata Company related matters.

Financial Support

Exclusive Strata Management takes the hassle out of managing all of the finer financial matters associated with strata including the preparation of ABN applications, GST registration, maintenance of all accounts and reports, raising levies, providing reporting and more.

Secretarial and Administrative Support

We look after things such as the maintenance of the minute book and record of notices and resolutions, maintenance of a roll of proprietors, maintenance and issuance of keys and access devices, the production of documents and records for advisors and more.

Council of Owners Support of routine activities

ESM's Strata Managers will arrange routine day-to-day maintenance, repair and replacement of common property, process any insurance claims, prepare and distribute notices, act as chairman of meetings if required and more.

Education, Advice and Assistance to the Council

At ESM our team of qualified strata managers will ensure that your strata company adheres to all of the relevant by-laws as well as provide advice to the Council on finances, provide general management advice on by-law changes, dispute resolution, and more.

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Resort & Lifestyle Strata Management

Our Commitment to you:

Commitment to Education

We are committed to empowering our customers, suppliers and staff with knowledge about Strata so that navigating laws and regulations is easy, and positive change can be made effortlessly. How? We have a dedicated Education & Training Team who bring you the latest and most relevant information as well as a state-of-the-art, online knowledgebase for all things strata. Our staff are all allocated a specific training allowance to use on furthering their own education each year.

More support when you need it

We know that when it comes to running your strata company, reliable and timely support is really important. Which is why we have a dedicated Customer Service & Support team that works with our Strata Management Teams to assist you in the smooth and successful running of your strata company. We have more people working together to support you and your proprietors than any other strata management company in WA, so you can get the help and guidance when you need it.

Partnering with you to achieve

The trusted partnership between your council members and our strata managers is incredibly important when it comes to aligning with the Strata Company’s goals and desired outcomes. Our commitment to this means we are always on the same page, more things are done, meetings are effective and we can help you achieve results through reliable guidance, sound advice and conflict resolution.

Purpose and values drive everything we do

We take the management of your biggest asset very seriously, which is why we co-created our company values and purpose with our customers. When you partner with ESM, you know you are partnering with like-minded individuals that work closely with you to achieve your strata company’s goals. Our dedicated cultural leaders ensure our purpose and values are embedded within everything we do.


Years of experience supporting Perth Strata Companies


Strata Companies partner with us to manage their complex


Home owners trust us with their biggest asset

WA’s most trusted partner in delivering Strata Management Services

Exclusive Strata Management is Perth’s largest and most experienced Strata Management Company. We partner with Strata Companies to guarantee the smooth and effective running of your strata complex, through creating alignment and trust between ourselves and the councillors we support, prioritising education, living by our co-created values and committing to the highest level of support and communication.

BruceGlen Close

Our ESM Strata Company Manager, has been and continues to be an efficient, prompt, friendly & helpful guiding light for our Como strata complex.

OwnersMitchell Village

Our building with 8 units has been well managed by ESM for over 5 years, when we replaced our previous Strata Management Company. The servicing of the buildings and the common areas has been first class, and work requests, urgent or otherwise, are always responded to and completed in a timely, cost-effective manner. Our strata manager promptly and effectively addresses issues raised with him, and we are happy to continue to work with him and use ESM to manage our property.

ChairmanEdmund Court

As Chairman of the Strata Council of Edmund Court, a 14 unit residential strata property in Fremantle, I am pleased to provide this testimonial for our Strata Manager, ESM Strata.
ESM have been our strata manager over several years and have always provided excellent service through their representative, Luke Brown.
We have appreciated ESM's prompt attention to obtaining quotes and arranging maintenance work, ensuring our compliance with legislation and efficient communications with the owners and Strata Council.


As Chair of the Council of Owners, I have worked with ESM for the last 10 years, and have always found their staff to be prompt in responding to queries, scrupulous in managing our funds, and knowledgeable in strata legislation and procedures. I recommend their services.


I write to commend you and your Team at ESM Strata on your management of our Strata. I have owned Unit 6 for 8 years and been on the Strata Council for six of those years. There have been some complex and frustrating problems that have arisen over that time. Overall your help and assistance has been invaluable and is greatly appreciated.


As a complex of first-time home owners the guidance, support and professionalism of the team at ESM has been invaluable. Our Strata manager always provides easily detailed replies to our queries that are easily understood and has proven to be consistently attentive and proactive. Her assistance has been invaluable in navigating our first three years and we look forward to continuing the relationship for many more.