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Are you considering hiring a Strata Manager to manage and provide support to your strata company and assist in maintaining the property? This is an important decision and should not be taken lightly. We recommend doing thorough research to find the best Strata Management Company to work with to maintain the strata property.

But what are the qualities of a good Strata Manager?

  1. Excels at providing support

A good Strata Management Company does more than simply manage your strata company. They go over and above to provide support to the owners of your strata company. They provide education, advice and assistance to you regarding any issues that may impact the strata. They provide details on who you can contact in their absence so you are never without support. You will be appointed a Strata Manager that’s suitably qualified and experienced to assist you in managing your complex.  Your appointed Strata Manager will work with a team dedicated to supporting you with the effective and successful running of your strata company.

2. Effective in communication

A major aspect of a Strata Manager’s role is people management and communication. When your Strata Manager is highly skilled in these areas, they are approachable, trustworthy and they make strata management a simple process for all owners. They are also responsible for leading meetings and liaising with a range of stakeholders to effectively support your strata company.

3.  Extensive experience

There are a range of different strata scheme types available in Western Australia and you want a Strata Manager who has experience in managing the type of strata you own. Strata Schemes that ESM Strata works with include residential strata, commercial strata, mixed use strata, survey strata and resort and lifestyle strata. An experienced Strata Manager will have experience in strata companies with a range of amenities, including pools, gyms and gardens.

4. Clear understanding of legislation

There is not only legislation, but also strata scheme specific by-laws in Strata Schemes that impact how owners must go about managing their strata company. A clear understanding of these laws is crucial for any good Strata Manager to best support you and your co-owners. When a Strata Manager gathers the latest information on strata management practices, legislation, and by-laws, they are in the best position to keep you informed and help you manage your strata company.

5. Providing innovative solutions

A good Strata Manager seeks to provide you with innovative solutions to strata related issues. They think outside the box and take all aspects of a problem into consideration when recommending you with a solution. You can trust them to have the strata company’s best interests at heart as they provide you with support and assistance.

For a comprehensive list of questions you can ask your Strata Management Company, take a look at our Guide to choosing a Strata Manager.

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