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What does a Strata Manager do?

You may have heard that one of the major benefits of owning a strata-titled property is the ability to trust your Strata Manager to manage the property on your behalf. But what does a Strata Manager actually do? Simply put, they are responsible for assisting the Council of the Strata Company, to help ensure the building and common areas of the strata title are maintained and kept in good condition for the benefit of all owners. The specific work they do is determined by the Council of the Strata Company who often meet with the Strata Manager on a regular basis.

It is important to note here that Strata Managers can only spend money and make decisions as outlined and approved by the Council of the Strata Company. For example, if you report a maintenance issue such as a leak, it may fall under the responsibility of a Property Manager, Maintenance Manager or the Strata Manager may need to wait for the Council of the Strata Company to approve the repairs. To streamline this process for councils and ensure they maintain control of the routine and general maintenance requirements in a timely, focussed and manageable manner, ESM recently designed and implemented an Approved Maintenance Form. The Approved Maintenance Form allows the council to provide the Strata Manager with pre-approved instructions for items which are:

  • clearly required to be actioned by the strata company
  • routine tasks that are conducted in order to maintain the property.

Strata Managers are highly skilled in strata company management, they know exactly how to accommodate the needs of the council of owners in maintaining their strata title. Their broad understanding of strata legislation makes them an asset to the council of owners as they solve problems and make decisions about the strata title. They are integral to the smooth running of any strata title.

Here are some the tasks a strata manager is responsible for:

  • Conduct meetings with the Council of the Strata Company
  • Organise all repairs and maintenance of common areas
  • Arrange payment for all invoices
  • Manage strata budget and prepare financial statements
  • Assist with strata disputes
  • Ensuring the strata title is complying with safety requirements
  • Banking strata fees
  • Organising building insurance management

Some Council of the Strata Company choose to manage the strata title without a Strata Manager. The downside of this approach is the owners typically do not have the in-depth knowledge and skills required to manage the strata title smoothly.

What should you be looking for in your Strata Manager? These are just some of the qualities a great Strata Manager should possess:

  • Great interpersonal skills and easily to get in contact with about issues and concerns about the strata title
  • Attention to detail with minute taking
  • Multi-faceted skills, such as financial support, administration support and strata education
  • Proactive and efficient at everything they do, especially when it comes to value for money with repairs and other building maintenance works
  • A range of good contacts in maintenance, cleaning and gardening
  • Effective at managing disputes between owners
  • Know by-laws and strata legislation well

Not sure what else to look for or how to differentiate between a good and bad Strata Manager? We’ve compiled a detailed list of important questions to ask/consider. View our guide to choosing your Strata Manager here.

ESM Strata is a leading Strata Management company in Perth. Our Strata Managers are the very best in the industry with in-depth knowledge, skills and best practice standards to give every council of owners we work with peace of mind that their strata title is in good hands.

Got more questions about Strata Managers? Give us a call on 08 9362 1166 or email us at You can also learn more about strata by visiting the News and Resources page on our website.