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The Strata Titles Amendment Act, which came into effect on May 1st 2020 has introduced new rules for strata meetings which will affect proxy voting, remote attendance and meeting quorum.


When a lot owner and a proxy are present in the same strata meeting, the vote must be cast by the owner rather than the proxy. This clause has been introduced in Section 125 of the amendment act.  


Individuals or a proxy will now be able to attend strata meetings remotely. It will now be considered acceptable for members to attend via telephone, video link, internet connection or by similar means of remote communication as long as it does not place an unreasonable burden on the Strata Company.


Previously, general strata meetings would adjourn in 7 days if the meeting quorum was not met. The reforms will now allow for general meetings to proceed after 30 minutes from the appointed time of the meeting, with the owners in attendance constituting a quorum.

More information

  • Every AGM must include the following matters as an item of business:
    • Election of council members
    • Consideration of Accounts
    • Presentation of insurance certificates and schedules
      (Anything else is considered special business)
  • The reforms may impose limitations on a strata manager being appointed as a proxy holder (Section 124.5)
  • The notice period to notify the owners of an upcoming meeting has not changed and remains at a minimum of 14 days.
  • The council of owners can now pass resolutions outside of general meetings.