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Choosing a good Strata Management company is key to the successful running of your strata. But how do you find a company who will add value to the property?

Let us simplify the process for you by sharing what to look for in a good Strata Management company:

Aligned Values

Your strata is important to you and it should be important to your Strata Management company too. Look for a company whose values are aligned with yours. This creates a great working relationship where you partner with like-minded professionals who can help you achieve your strata company’s goals. Learn more about ESM’s purpose and commitment to you, here.

Trusted Partnership

Trust is key to any working relationship, especially between strata company and Strata Management company. Seek out reviews to see if a particular company has a trusted relationship working with strata companies of a similar nature to yours. A good Strata Management company conducts effective meetings, helps your strata company achieve best results and offers reliable guidance and support through conflict resolution. Explore ESM’s Strata Management services and better understand how we support Perth Commercial and Residential properties, here.

Dedicated Support

Good Strata Management companies offer reliable and timely support to strata companies. At ESM, we have a dedicated to Customer Service and Support Team to ensure every client we work with has a smooth and successful strata. When you meet with prospective Strata Management companies, it is important to find out how they will support you. For a list of questions we recommend you ask a potential new Strata Management company or Strata Manager, view our comprehensive Guide to Choosing Your Strata Manager.

Valuable Education

A good Strata Management company will go the extra mile for their clients. One way they can do that is by offering education to ensure the strata companies they serve have a sound knowledge of strata and how it impacts their own strata property. ESM has a dedicated Education and Training Team, providing information to clients with our state-of-the-art online knowledge base on all things strata. ESM is also dedicated to the ongoing training and development of our staff which in turn, benefits all the strata companies we work with.

Have more questions about strata management companies? Give us a call on 08 9362 1166 or email us at You can also learn more about strata by visiting the News and Resources page on our website.