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New strata owners can sometimes struggle with understanding the roles of everyone who is involved with the management of the strata title. You may have received communications from your strata management company but are wondering what exactly they do.

A strata management company offers a simple and seamless experience for everyone involved in the strata title. It makes owning and living in a strata property a much more enjoyable experience.

A strata management company, such as ESM Strata is a team of managers who are responsible for a group of strata properties. This may be residential or commercial or even a mix of both. A company differs from a property manager because they are responsible and accountable for a group of properties, as opposed to a single property.

There are many duties your strata management company will take care for you. It’s important you have a good understanding exactly what they are. Here’s a few items that your strata management company undertakes on behalf of the Council of the Strata Company:

Collecting contributions (levies)

Levies typically go towards the following

    • Maintenance and upkeep of any common areas and amenities
    • Building insurance
    • Management fees
    • An onsite facilities manager
    • Utilities to any common areas (for example, electricity to run elevators or lighting common areas)
    • Garden upkeep
    • Pest control
    • Cleaning

Coordinating and chairing meetings (Annual General Meeting, Extraordinary General Meeting)

Issuing breach Notices (parking and noise complaints are common complaints), read more about by-laws, here.

Financial Records (most strata companies have multiple bank accounts with regular expenses and incomes)

Besides the general responsibilities, how do you know when to contact your strata management company?

If the following situations occur, we recommend reaching out to your strata manager for assistance:

  • Neighbour disputes that require mediation
  • Review of essential building services
  • Communal area repair and maintenance

Can I manage my own strata property?

The short answer is yes, you can manage your own strata property. There is no legal requirement for you to hire a strata manager or strata management company to manage your strata property on behalf of the owners. Self-managing your strata is common amongst strata title properties with few lots, and thousands of buildings across Australia self-manage their strata properties, however this can quickly become an overwhelming responsibly to take on as an owner resulting in more owners moving to professional management of their schemes.

If you’re looking for a strata management company in Western Australia, contact us here: