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Strata management services requirements differ from scheme to scheme and so do their needs.

The needs of your strata company are likely different from your neighbouring strata company so its best to have a conversation with your Strata Company Manager about what services and support you and your fellow Council members need to effectively run your scheme.

The scope of the strata managers role is defined in the contract between themselves and the strata company. If you are not sure what services are included ask for a copy of your agreement.

Here are a few strata management services you can expect:

Meeting support

Your strata manager can coordinate annual and extraordinary meetings and regularly chair the meetings. They will also keep and record the determination of the meeting. Having a strata manager undertake this function enables you to conduct effective and compliant meetings.

Financial services

Strata company collects contributions (these are called levies) from owners that contribute towards the day-to-day running and expenses of the complex such as insurance, gardening and building repairs and maintenance.

Strata Managers support strata companies by collecting contributions from lot owners.

Property maintenance

Strata managers can arrange for scheduled or unplanned work to be completed on your property including, arranging quotes, seek approval, arranging access, coordinate the works and paying invoices. Strata Managers may also ensure all contractors and suppliers are compliant such as having current insurance policies, prior to undertaking works at a scheme.

Scheme compliance

Strata managers can issue notices to owners that breach strata company bylaws on behalf of the strata company, Read more about strata scheme by-laws and breaches here.

Keep detailed financial records

Strata managers can keep detailed financial records on behalf of your strata company and manage the financial accounts on your behalf.

If you have any questions about what your strata manager, you can find a comprehensive outline in your strata company contract with your strata manager or can contact your strata manager if you have any questions.

If you want to learn how to read your strata scheme financials, click here.


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