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Strata Company Manager and Property Manager,

do you ever wonder what the difference is?

Simply put, the main difference between a Property Manager and a Strata Manager is the Strata Company Manager works on behalf of the Council of the Strata Company and focuses on issues pertaining to common property, while a Property Manager works on behalf of one owner with a focus on issues pertaining to a single apartment.

A Strata Manager looks after the day-to-day running of a strata scheme in conjunction with the Council of the Strata Company. Here are just some of the specific duties they carries out:

  • organise maintenance of common property areas like driveways, hallways and gardens
  • organise urgent repairs of the building’s common areas
  • managing correspondence between owners, Property Managers and occupants
  • manage insurance claims and renewals
  • issue levy notices and collect levies
  • organising the meetings such as, the annual general meeting, executive committee meetings
  • manage the strata scheme’s financials such as paying invoices, setting and managing the budget for costs relating to the building’s common areas

What does a Property Manager do?

A Property Manager is a person or company that oversees the management and maintenance of a single property. They work on behalf of one apartment owner rather than all owners in an apartment block.

Think of them as the middleman between the property owners and the property tenant. Here are just some of the specific duties a Property Manager carries out:

  • finding a suitable tenant
  • arrange maintenance for the lot owner’s property
  • managing communication between the tenant, owners and Strata Company Manager
  • issuing and collecting rent
  • conducting routine maintenance

While there are some similarities between the function and duties of a Property Manager and a Strata Company Manager, having a clear understanding of the differences and knowing when to contact the relevant manager will help ensure your property is being managed in the most effective way possible.

If you would like to find out how ESM Strata Managers can support you with your property, please contact us for a quote.