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Did you know sustainable strata community gardens not only look good but foster biodiversity and encourage local food production?

Why have a sustainable garden?

  • Native plants require less water and fertiliser, resulting in low cost and low maintenance.
  • Native plants provide food and habitats beneficial for
  • Sustainable gardens promotes community with complexes.
  • Native plants are less invasive, meaning they’re less likely to cause damage to your complex.
  • Sustainable gardens can reduce up to 50% of your daily waste.
  • Appealing gardens improve the livability and value of your complex.

Little actions that go a long way

Planting Natives

Natives, tick all the boxes for a sustainable garden. Native plants are readily available, cost effective both in purchase as well as maintenance and they quickly fill spaces to improve complex aesthetics.

Use of a composter

Composters provide quick opportunities to begin reducing daily waste. The by product of composters can then be used to fertilise your complex. This makes it another green but cost-effective complex improvement.

Get the most out of your sprinkler

Being selective in both the times and sort of sprinklers you use can have a big impact. Watering during the morning has the best results, whilst being concious of watering less or not at all during cooler weather can save you across the year.

Vertical Gardens

Incorporating vertical gardens is a growing trend in complexes, one that makes the most of available space and can provide greenery to locations that were not possible before.

It’s all about starting a conversation

Being proactive in your scheme provides an opportunity that not only improves the functionality of your space but starts developing a sense of community with a common interest.


Contact our office if you would like to talk to your Strata Company Manager about making some of these changes at your strata community here.