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In addition to our excitement over ESM winning the Strata Community Management Large Business Award for 2023, we are immensely proud to announce that our Founder, Jake Kneebone, has been honored with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. This distinguished recognition stands as a testament to Jake’s unparalleled contributions to our industry spanning an impressive 36 years.

Jake’s journey and dedication to excellence have not only shaped ESM but have left an indelible mark on the strata community at large. The Lifetime Achievement Award acknowledges not just the longevity of his career but, more importantly, the profound impact he has had on the industry. This well-deserved accolade is a credit to Jake’s unwavering efforts and serves as a heartfelt acknowledgment of the knowledge and experience that he consistently shares with our industry.

As we celebrate ESM’s collective achievements and Jake’s individual honor, we are inspired by the legacy he has built and the leadership he continues to provide. This recognition only further motivates us to uphold the high standards set by Jake and to continue our journey of excellence in the strata community. Congratulations, Jake, on this remarkable achievement, and thank you for your enduring commitment to our industry.