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Being part of a strata community offers many benefits to owners and residents. As a strata owner, you are required to pay strata fees which cover building maintenance, gardening, cleaning, water consumption and building insurance. This allows you to enjoy a home with minimal upkeep, gain access to amenities such as a pool or gym and be confident that your strata company and Strata Manager is taking care of the day-today management of the building. As part of the Council of the Strata Company, you will form a community with other owners and these relationships are key to the successful shared ownership of the strata. The best strata communities are made of individuals who build positive relationships with one another and work together to create a great strata community for all residents. Here are our top tips for successful strata living.

Understand your rights and responsibilities

There is a legal document that outlines what property you own within the strata, what is considered common property and the by-laws of the strata. This is called a strata plan. When you have a good understanding of the strata plan, you know your rights and responsibilities as an owner. If you don’t have access to the strata plan, we recommend reaching out to your Strata Manager and asking for a copy to sent to you.

Be respectful and considerate

Remember that you share ownership with others of the common property of the strata. Be respectful and considerate of the other owners and residents by taking good care of these areas, such as gardens, pools or gyms. The best approach is leaving these areas in the condition you found them or contacting your Strata Manager if any maintenance is required. In doing this, you will protect your investment, benefitting every owner of the strata.

Get involved

Being part of a strata community allows you to have a say about how the strata property is managed and maintained. As part of the council of owners, you can share your thoughts and be involved with decision making about the property

Build healthy relationships

We all know when a group of people come together it can be challenging to accommodate different personalities, especially when it comes to communication and problem-solving. Do your best to build good relationships and be flexible with one another. If there is a conflict between yourself and another owner, don’t let it be a wedge between you. Have a conversation, or get your Strata Manager involved so that you can reconcile differences and live in harmony once again.

Got more questions about strata community living? Give us a call on 08 9362 1166 or email us at You can also learn more about strata by visiting the News and Resources page on our website.