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Help! I have a new Strata Manager. Do they know about my strata company?

It is the ideal situation when you build a relationship with a new Strata Manager  and they “just get how things are run”. There is no need to worry. We understand that every scheme is different and have put things in place to help the transition when a new Strata Company Manager is introduced.

Exclusive Strata Management (ESM) Strata uses advanced technology to support the management of strata complexes. This means all the information about your property, communication with your strata manager, financial information, work orders and property works, photos of the property and a detailed history are securely stored and can be accessed by other Strata Company Manager and members of the Customer Service and Support team when required. This ensures most questions or queries can be easily answered by this team.

We are continuously working on better ways to track, store and manage strata scheme information so we can deliver the best level of service.

If you have any questions about what your Strata Manager, you can find a comprehensive outline in your strata company contract with your strata manager or can contact your strata manager if you have any questions.

ESM’s experienced Strata Managers can provide a variety of professional services as requested to ensure that the daily operations of your strata property run as smoothly as possible. Contact us to find out more.

What methods can be used to improve communication between a the Council of the Strata Company and a Strata Manager?

One of the more popular methods of communication is action sheets, which are commonly excel or word documents the council members use to deliver their  instructions. This is typically collated by one member of the Council, outlining the current works required at the scheme in a summarised format which offers the Strata Company Manager clear direction, allowing projects to move ahead faster.