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From time to time, disputes can arise between owners in a strata company. With differing opinions, perspectives and communication styles, it is key to resolve disputes promptly and respectfully to ensure good working relationships between all members of the strata company into the future. But what is the best way to resolve these conflicts and how can your Strata Management company support you and your strata company?

If members of your strata company are at odds with one another over an issue, we recommend the following approaches to help resolve the dispute:

Be fair

Like with any conflict or disagreement, take time to listen to the other lot owner’s perspective. Approaching the dispute resolution process with the intent to listen is the first step to resolving the issue. Be fair by considering all sides of the story so every person feels heard before a decision is made in regard to resolving it.

Be quick

Issues that are not dealt with promptly tend to grow into larger issues, with larger effects on the members of the strata company. Once you become aware of a conflict with another lot owner and you have a clear understanding of the dispute, have a conversation with the lot owner so that you can discuss all aspects of the dispute and create a solution that all parties are happy with to ensure harmony for the strata company. To gain a good understanding of your dispute in relation to your strata’s by-laws, take a look at the Strata Titles Act 1985 (the Act).

Handle everything with sensitivity

When you feel frustrated at someone because of a dispute, it can be tempting to discuss with other members of the strata company. However, that can worsen the situation. Instead, treat the dispute and the parties with respect by handling it with confidentiality. This will also prevent the dispute for making a lasting negative impact on the strata company and the strata title.

Be clear and transparent

Sometimes disputes happen purely because of miscommunication, rather than disagreeing on a specific issue. Whenever dispute arise within your strata company, do your best to be clear and transparent with all communication. This is the best way to handle the dispute and work efficiently to a resolution.

What happens when we cannot resolve the dispute ourselves?

At any point in the dispute resolution process, your Strata Management company or Strata Manager is here to support you and your strata company. By inviting a third party to help resolve the issue, your Strata Management company can help bring a new perspective to the issue and offer suitable solutions for the strata company to implement.

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