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The Containers for Change initiative in Western Australia is an initiative run by a not-for-profit organisation seeking to reduce container litter, increasing recycling efforts and helping communities by encouraging social enterprise and creating jobs.

How does it work?
To participate in Containers for Change, individuals can take their eligible containers to a registered refund point, which may be located at a recycling depot, supermarket, or other location. The refund point will then scan the containers and provide a refund per container.
What are the benefits?
Containers for Change provides a number of benefits, both for individuals and for the environment. For individuals, the scheme provides a financial incentive to recycle, which can help to reduce waste and save money. For the environment, the scheme helps to reduce litter and improve recycling rates, which can help to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills or in the ocean.
What impact has it had so far?
Containers for Change has been a resounding success, with over 1 billion containers returned for recycling as of March 2023. This has resulted in a significant reduction in litter and an increase in recycling rates, as more people are motivated to recycle their used containers.
How can we get involved?
Due to the size and potential of collection opportunities that reside within Strata Complexes, many councils across Western Australia are introducing the following opportunity:
  1. Strata-titled buildings collect eligible containers in a central location
  2. Council’s will collect the containers on a regular basis from your property (for a percentage service fee)
  3. Money refunded goes back to the strata company who can keep it or make a donation.
This initiative by councils means that you can collect eligible containers within your property (without having to take them to a collection centre) and still earn refunds. You can contact your local council or your Strata Manager to see whether your council is currently offering this arrangement and how you can implement it.
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