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Containers for change: how your strata company can get involved (and collect money for your complex)

By February 19, 2021November 12th, 2021No Comments

The Containers for Change initiative in Western Australia is an initiative run by a not-for-profit organisation seeking to reduce container litter, increasing recycling efforts and helping communities by encouraging social enterprise and creating jobs.

Residents can collect eligible aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard drink containers and earn a refund (or make a donation) of 10c for every eligible container delivered. There are many locations spread across the state.
Due to the size and potential of collection opportunities that reside within Strata Complexes, many councils across Western
Australia are introducing the following opportunity:
  1. Strata-titled buildings collect eligible containers in a central location
  2. Council’s will collect the containers on a regular basis from your property (for a percentage service fee)
  3. Money refunded goes back to the strata company who can keep it or make a donation.
This initiative by councils means that you can collect eligible containers within your property (without having to take them to a collection centre) and still earn refunds.
You can contact your local council or your Strata Manager to see whether your council is currently offering this arrangement and how you can implement it.
For more information please visit: