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When you own a property as part of a strata community, the strata does not run itself. A number of essential activities must happen to ensure the strata community runs smoothly.

This is where a profession strata management company can not alleviate a lot of unnecessary stress but advise on compliance to ensure your scheme is in line with the Strata Titles ACT.

Choosing a Strata Manager is an important decision you need to make as a collective of strata property owners. A great Strata Manager will ensure the community remains in good condition and is peaceful for all living there.

Before you commit to hiring a Strata Manager from a local strata community, there are a series of factors you should consider.

Qualified in strata management

All Strata Managers need to be qualified to work in strata management in Western Australia.

A good reputation

You want a Strata Manager you can trust. By asking family members or friends who own strata-titled properties, you can find great Strata Managers in the community.

Clear communication

Good communication skills is essential for any good strata manager. The primary responsibilities of their role include working closely with people. As they work alongside you and other owners, they need to ensure all forms of communication are clear and easy for all the understand. When you hire a strata manager who lacks good communication skills, it can have a detrimental impact on the running of the strata.

Ability to handle strata company conflicts

As part of owning a strata-titled property, you are part of a larger group who are required to make decisions together. Some discussions may lead to conflict, therefore, it is important the strata managers is capable of working with disagreeing parties to find a common decision that everyone is happy with.

To ensure you pick a great strata manager for your strata, we recommend carefully considering your options with the other owners.

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