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Whilst Built Strata and Survey Strata might sound similar, they are quite different in how they approach the division of property within a lot.

Built Strata

Ordinarily, owners of a Strata Properties have ownership of their lot defined by cubic air space, as well as common ownership of the land and buildings on which that lot is located. The lot size and common areas are clearly identified in the Strata Plan. Generally speaking a Built Strata is used for multiple dwellings where one unit is on top of another.

Survey Strata

Within a Survey Strata scheme, lots are not determined by cubic air space, but rather, they are essentially parcels of land within the same scheme dictated by surveyed lines, and are typically situated side by side. The boundaries of each lot within a Survey Strata Property are surveyed by a licensed land surveyor and reflected on the strata plan. Buildings are not shown on Survey Strata plans, instead the lots look more like the lots shown on surveys for non-strata freehold titles.

Common property considerations

Shared areas of Strata Properties are referred to as common property, and can include car parks, swimming pools, stairwells and other communal areas. Maintenance of common property is covered by strata levies, which are payable by all lot owners on the property to the Strata Company.

Like Built Strata Properties, Survey Strata Schemes may have common property, but the common property will be listed and separately numbered on the scheme. Owners in the scheme may be required to contribute towards the upkeep and maintenance of this common property, however, it may be less than that required of other Strata Properties – often only including a driveway or a small area of garden. The unit entitlement will be determined for each lot on the property, and will influence the Strata Levy payable by each property owner.

Whilst there are some similarities between a Survey Strata Scheme and a Strata Property, the rights and obligations of a Survey Strata scheme more closely resemble those of Green Strata. Green Strata refers to land that generally has no common or shared areas, and applies to the majority of land sold in WA.

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