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While built strata and survey strata might seem similar, they differ significantly in their approach to property division within a lot, particularly concerning the survey strata title.

The primary distinction between a strata plan and a survey-strata plan lies in how lot boundaries are determined and managed. A strata plan typically subdivides a building or group of buildings, with lot boundaries defined by the structure’s physical elements like walls and floors, including common property not explicitly delineated. This setup suits apartments and commercial buildings. In contrast, a survey-strata scheme plan defines lot boundaries through land surveys, independent of buildings, making it suitable for subdivisions with standalone houses or minimal shared infrastructure. Common property in survey-strata plans is clearly identified and marked with unique numbers, offering more autonomy to individual lot owners compared to strata plans.

Built Strata – Defining Ownership by Cubic Air Space

Built strata plans typically involve the subdivision of buildings, where lot boundaries are determined by the structure’s physical elements such as walls and floors. This setup grants owners ownership of their lot defined by cubic air space, alongside common ownership of the land and buildings within the scheme. Built strata properties are commonly used for multiple dwellings stacked on top of one another.

Survey Strata – Parcels of Land Defined by Surveyed Lines

In contrast, survey strata plans define lots as parcels of land within the same scheme, determined by surveyed lines and often situated side by side. The boundaries of each lot are surveyed by a licensed land surveyor and reflected on the strata plan. Unlike built strata plans, survey strata plans do not depict buildings, resembling the lots shown on surveys for non-strata freehold titles.

Here is an example of a survey-strata plan.

You can access your strata plan from Landgate if you don’t have a copy already.

Common Property Considerations in Survey Strata Schemes

While both built strata and survey strata schemes may have common property, the obligations in survey strata schemes are typically less extensive. Common property, if any, is listed and separately numbered on the plan, with owners contributing towards its upkeep and maintenance. However, these contributions are often limited to specific areas like driveways or small garden spaces, reflecting the lower level of shared infrastructure in survey strata schemes.

Survey Strata: Closer Resemblance to Green Strata

Survey strata schemes, in their rights and obligations, more closely resemble those of green strata, where land generally lacks common or shared areas. This distinction makes survey strata schemes ideal for properties with standalone houses or minimal shared infrastructure, offering more autonomy to individual lot owners compared to built strata properties.

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