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The day-to-day management and operation of a strata-titled property is referred to as Strata Management. The Strata Manager plays a vital role in the overall maintenance of the property, liaising between the building owners, tenants and other key stakeholders.

What does the Strata Manager do?

There are many responsibilities that make up the role. The Strata Company can determine which areas the Strata Manager is responsible for. Some include:

  • Coordinating and conducting meetings
  • Collecting and banking levies, and obtaining insurance
  • Advising on asset management
  • Keeping the scheme’s financial records
  • Arranging contractors and tradespeople
  • Ensuring the building meets safety standards
  • Collecting quotes for insurance, organising it and ensuring rates are paid
  • Advise and guide the Council of the Strata Company

Strata Managers should understand the complex laws and restrictions surrounding property management, and be able to advise on the regular changes in regulation.

How are Strata Managers appointed?

They are appointed by the Council of the Strata Company. The Strata Manager is delegated tasks that the Council of the Strata Company is responsible for. The Contract that this presented and agreed upon, should specify what responsibilities the Strata Manager is going to undertake on behalf of the Council of the Strata Company.

What makes a good Strata Manager?

A good Strata Manager should be proactive, seeking to prevent issues as opposed to seeking quick fixes as problems arise. They should also be approachable, responsive and friendly, communicate clearly and openly. You should feel comfortable approaching them with any issue relating to the building.

The Strata Management Company should also:

  • Have specific team members assigned to specific responsibilities
  • Be efficient and economical, looking for ways to save money and maximise value
  • Provide easy-to-access communication channels in order to share information with owners and tenants
  • Provide guidance on the best maintenance providers, cleaners and tradespeople
  • Manage disputes quickly and respectfully
  • Have a clear understanding of up-to-date laws that affect strata titles property

Changing or removing Strata Managers

The Strata Company may choose to change or remove a Strata Manager for the following reasons:

  • They are uncontactable
  • Facilities are not being maintained in accordance with Council instructions
  • Finances are not being managed in accordance with Council instructions
  • They have failed to disclose conflicts of interest

If a change is required, the Strata Company must first review the management contract for any early termination conditions and how they may apply.

If desired, the Council of the Strata Company may ask the owners decide to proceed with termination. They will then propose a motion at the next AGM. The motion will need a majority vote to be passed.

Once the motion has been passed, the Strata Manager must be advised of the outcome in writing. There will need to be a handover between the previous and the new Strata Manager, however, if a new Strata Manager has not been appointed, handover can be provided to the Strata Committee.

If you would like to talk to one of our experienced team members about Strata Management for your property, please contact us.