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Do you feel like you can’t keep track of the ongoing works happening in your strata community?

Effective communication is at the forefront of every successful strata community, either between Council members or communication between the whole strata community. Having strong communication skills supports all aspects of life from professional to personal and everything in between. This has been particularly important since the Covid-19 outbreak forcing many people to work remotely.

Poor communication skills can lead to misunderstandings, frustrations and may even result in a hearing at the State Administrative Tribunal. Poor communication may not be apparent in the beginning, it has long lasting effects. Here are some of the signs of poor communication:

  • Lack of specific communication
  • Using the incorrect mediums to convey important messages
  • Passive-aggressive communication
  • Lack of follow-through and consideration
  • Blaming and intimidating others
  • Failing to listen

Whether it be in person communication or now as we move into a digital era via digital communication, the following reasons will outline the importance of effective communication.

Communicate often

Communicate information clearly and frequently. Keep processes open and transparent and find ways to help smooth the path of communication for your strata company. Whether it be in-person communication or online, as we move into a digital era.

Between Council Members

Regular council meetings

There is no need to wait for the Annual General Meeting to get together and discuss strata community business. It is best to keep the momentum going throughout the year with meetings between the Council members.

Project Management Support (Airtable/ Trello)

Using an online database to help track and manage larger-scale projects, or even lots of smaller projects in one location can help keep communication, timelines objectives clear while making sure nothing falls off the radar.

Document Control

Googledrive and Dropbox have been successful means of keeping track of documents under review such as quotes and invoices. This allows council members the ability to review documents whenever and wherever always staying updated with strata matters.


Create a group chat, allowing Council members to vote on a matter for quicker resolutions. There are many different platforms that can use such as Facebook messenger, What’s app, slack and many more so find the best chat platform for your group and communicate with ease.

Between Council Members and their Strata Company Manager

Action Sheet

One of the more popular methods of communication is action sheets, which are commonly excel or word documents the council members use to deliver their Strata Company Manager instructions. This is typically collated by one member of the Council and offers the Strata Company Manager clear direction, allowing projects to move ahead faster.

Between Strata Company & Residents


Versatile, customisable and available 24/7, platforms such as Facebook groups has been a popular means to communicate with owners within a strata community. This allows fast and free communication between Council members and owners within their strata community.


Along with good communication to increase engagement and productivity don’t forget to listen and encourage input from others. Show interest in and respect for your community owners ideas. Communication goes beyond words taking action on tasks that have been agreed on is important in building trust.

Discuss what methods will work best for your strata company and let your Strata Company Manager know so they know how to best support your strata company.

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