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Stormy weather, especially during the winter seasons can cause some serious damage to property. If your property is damaged, do you know who best to contact, be it your Strata Manager, Insurer, SES or triple zero? In some cases, a contractor can be engaged to mend the damage with little impact on residents, however in other instances the damage may make it unsafe to continue living there.

First, let’s break down what your Strata Management Company can and cannot help with:

What your Strata Management Company can assist with:

  • Clearing debris and organising permanent repairs
  • Attending to broken fences, trees that have fallen on fences or if there is debris around your property or in your pool
  • Basic repairs and maintenance of items of concern that could prevent future damage

What your Strata Management Company can’t immediately assist with (instead, we recommend contacting the SES first):

  • Assisting with significant structural damage like collapsed roofs or ceilings
  • Making temporary emergency repairs to homes and buildings
  • Removing fallen trees that have damaged homes and cars
  • Sandbagging areas in danger of flooding
  • Pumping out flood water
  • Rescuing trapped or injured people, and helping people relocate if they are in danger

Here are the steps you should take if your strata is damaged by stormy weather:

  1. Contact your ESM Strata Manager or strata insurer. As your first contact, your Strata Manager will help manage the situation once they have been informed of the damage.
  • If it is non-urgent and the property is still safe, email us with all the details of the damage. You are welcome to follow up your email with a phone call to your Strata Manager.
  • If the damage is urgent, contact us by phone so we can work promptly to fix the damage.
  1. If you are unable to reach your ESM Strata Manager or strata insurer, work with other residents to ensure the property is safe for all residents.

Strata propertyFor example, a storm may cause your fence to fall. This is not considered urgent and may be the responsibility of a specific owner or the Strata Company. When you contact your Strata Manager with the details, you can find out who is responsible for getting the fence repaired. If there are two owners involved, they will be required to discuss and agree how the fence repairs will be managed.

If a burst water pipe causes flooding, this is considered an urgent issue as it can cause water damage. In a situation like this, the first action is to turn off the water safely if possible and then reach out to your Strata Manager or strata insurer to seek further advice. If you are unable to reach your Strata Manager or strata insurer, you and the other owners can engage a contractor to safely repair the water pipe. If the damage has taken place in common property, it is likely the costs of repairs can be covered by the Strata Company.

Regardless of the type of damage caused by a storm, it is crucial to make sure the property is safe and any further damage is prevented.

Want to know about storm damage repairs? Give us a call on 08 9362 1166 or email us at You can also learn more about strata by visiting the News and Resources page on our website