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At ESM Strata we have been taking feedback from customers, staff and the industry on the fee structure for Strata Management Services. A lot of the conversations we have been having are around the complexities of services schedules, hidden fees and financial statements and how there must be a simpler way to clearly outline exactly what a Strata Management Company does and at what cost.

Every Strata Company must comply with the Strata Titles Act, and a lot of the services offered by Strata Management Companies pertain to the legal requirements that come with adhering to that act. Some of these services will be included in your management fee and some are additionals charged at an hourly rate.

Strata Management Company Fees = flat management fee + variable additionals

These variables can become quite confusing, and many of them are compulsory when it comes to compliance with the Strata Titles Act. So why are they kept separate?

Introducing ESM Strata’s simple fee structure for Perth Strata Management Companies.

We have simplified all our services to guarantee a flat rate each year for your Strata Company that ensures you comply with everything required by the Strata Titles Act.

  • No hidden surprises
  • No confusing line items
  • Simple and easy to understand fees and charges

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