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Good communication between Strata Company members is essential to the healthy running of a Strata Complex. Although your Strata Manager is happy to issue any notices and information to all owners and council members, there are often other communication channels that can be set up privately amongst owners so that information can flow freely. 

We have seen many great examples of good Strata Company communication and have put together a guide on what to consider if you are going to set one up for your complex.


There are many platforms that can provide the host to free-flowing communication amongst your Strata Company members. For example:

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Groups
  • Slack

Adding members

Adding occupants to a group communication channel should be on a voluntary basis. Be mindful that some people may not be comfortable handing over their information.

You want to consider whether your group chat only includes owners, or whether you want to extend the invitation out to tenants and temporary residents as well. Keep in mind that any requests or instructions from tenants should be directed through the acting Property Manager or owner of the lot.

Topics of conversation

There are many things that can be discussed amongst owners that can support the smooth running of your complex.

  • Community projects (eg. Busy Bee’s)
  • Lost items (including animals)
  • Requests for help
  • Parking queries or concerns
  • Noise concerns


When creating a communication channel make sure you have some housekeeping rules that everyone has to adhere to so that the chat is a safe and comfortable place for people to participate in. You can pin these rules to the top of the chat.

Here is an example of a housekeeping message:

Welcome occupants of SP-92417.
This is a communication channel for us to share information, ask questions or keep in touch about the happenings on our complex. Please be mindful of other members and adhere to the following chat etiquette:
– Don’t point fingers or accuse others

– No swearing or bad language
– Be friendly and polite
– Assume good intent
– Send consolidated messages
Your council members are: John Smith, Joanna Smitten and Joseph Smyth. 

Please escalate any maintenance requests, ByLaw breach queries or other series queries to council members. Anyone that does not adhere to these rules may be removed from the chat.

Have a group admin

Elect a council member to act as the group admin. This person is responsible for adding new members, removing members and removing any negative comments or inappropriate behaviour from the chat.


The above information is a guide only. Your Strata Manager can not set up, enforce or maintain inter-company communications on your behalf.