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What to do when the Bureau of Meteorology issues a severe weather warning for Perth and other areas of WA, which might include destructive winds and heavy rainfall.

Here are a list of things to consider before, during and after severe weather warnings hit.


Although we never get ample warning of severe weather, it is safe to assume winter will bring about some dangerous winds, rain and storms. Before winter hits, you should undertake the following checks:

  1. Roof condition
    Make sure your roof has been recently assessed and any repairs carried out
  2. Gardens are free from large amounts of debris
  3. Gutters are cleaned and in good working order


As soon as a severe weather warning has been issued, you may want to take the following steps:

Gutters and downpipes

During a heavy rain, if the water cannot flow successfully through the gutters, it will want to find an alternative route, this route may be into your home.

Ensure leaves, twigs and other debris that may have found its way into your gutters has been removed. Depending on the location of your gutters you may wish to employ a contractor who specialises in gutters to undertake this work.

Secure loose furniture

Plant pots, pillows and chairs are a great way to decorate Perth balconies but leaving these items unsecure during severe winds may turn them into dangerous objects, which may smash windows and damage doors. Be sure to stack these items away inside or into a storeroom if available.

Secure Doors and Windows

Do a walk around each room in your home to close all doors and windows, even if you haven’t been in them in a while.

Remember to call

Have a think about who you may need to call in case of an emergency. Review our after hours maintenance emergency contact information.


After the weather has calmed down, you should do an assessment of any damage. This includes checking for water damage.

Asses the damage

Do a walkaround of your property, note down and include any pictures of damage that may have occurred as a result of the weather. This may include things such as fences which may form part of an insurance claim so it’s important to send this information to your Strata Company Manager.

Mould and water damage

Avoid the dreaded shock of finding a cupboard full of mould (Help! There is mould in my unit ) or peeling paint in the bathroom. Ensure that you check cupboards frequently and bathroom fans and windows allow sufficient ventilation. You can fight dampness with sufficient insulation, heating, and ventilation.

Who should you call when you need after hours assistance?

In case of an emergency such as fire, injury or theft, please call 000 immediately.

What is Emergency Maintenance?

Emergency Maintenance is classified as an issue that occurs after hours and requires immediate rectification to ensure the continued safety of all owners and residents, or will cause further damage to the building if not addressed immediately.

Below you will find a list of suggested emergency contacts in different areas. Please email us to notify us of the issue and the action you have taken at

If you are a tenant, you are not authorised to arrange repairs without permission from the owner of the unit. Please contact the person you pay rent to (either owner or property manager) and report the matter directly to them so they can action.

Who covers the cost?

Some contractors will invoice the Strata Company directly depending on the works required, however it may be requested that the owner pays for these services on the spot. Owners may seek reimbursement from the Strata Company.

Please note

  • The Council of your Strata Company reserves the right to refuse payment of after-hours invoices if they are considered to be non-urgent.
  • If the cost of this service is deemed to be the lot owner’s responsibility, the fee will be on-charged to them.

Here is a list of our recommended contractors 

Hayes Plumbing (NOR) 0411 546 108 or
JTK Property Services 0423 880 774 or
Ballantyne Plumbing (SOR) 9535 4365

Steven Murphy Electrical 9381 7711 (will divert to after-hours number)
JTK Property Services 0423 880 774 or

Glass Plus 0419 777 001 or

JTK Property Services 0423 880 774 or

LIFT/ ELEVATOR Refer to signage on the elevator for direct contact details

SECURITY GATE Refer to signage on the gate, and contact the specified contractor directly.