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As we adopt new technologies and modernise systems, the way strata complexes are managed by strata companies has transformed. By automating many daily tasks our Strata Managers have been able to work faster and with increased efficiency, whilst the shift to cloud-based platforms has provided clients with easy access to information at all times. Technology has also facilitated electronic voting, remote attendance to meetings and other communications that have made it easier for strata members to be engaged with their strata companies and streamlined decision-making processes. Beyond these more formal channels, we’ve noticed many strata communities introduce WhatsApp or Facebook Groups/Messenger chats for members to flag lost items, request help, share housekeeping notices, and address noise concerns (before escalating to their Strata Manager as/if required), which has helped foster healthy relationships among members and build stronger strata communities.

Beyond these communication transformations, strata complexes are being revolutionised through the introduction of smart home systems, advances in solar power and the inclusion of electric solutions that are making complexes more sustainable and cost effective. Smart technologies go beyond sensors in communal areas like entryways and gyms that turn lighting/heating/cooling off when no one is in the room – AI systems are revolutionising strata maintenance by sending automatic notifications when a light or other fixture is broken and ensuring the issue is lodged and resolved in a timely manner.

As part of our continuous effort to provide ESM clients with the best possible service we launched the PiQ Client Portal in 2021. By providing 24-hour access to building and lot information, reports, documents and more, PiQ has successfully created greater transparency for owners and ease of accessibility by having everything in one place. It’s also made it easier for members to view and download levies, receipts, statements, meeting agenda and minutes, make quick and easy levy payments, and receive automatic notifications by email when a new document is available in the portal. By automating administrative tasks like this, it has enabled our strata managers to focus their time on other more complex matters that better serve our clients.

ESMs adoption of new technologies hasn’t stopped at PiQ – since the launch of our Client Portal in 2021 we have continued to work on expanding our technological offerings to allow members to lodge and track requests 24/7, access strata documents, notices and newsletters, create committee topics, book amenities, join a social club and post to the community wall… all from the one place! Stay tuned for more details on the official ESM app dropping soon!