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In the world of multi-unit residential living, strata common spaces are more than just the mundane hallways and lobbies you pass through daily. These shared areas are hidden treasures waiting to be explored. In this article, we’ll dive into the fascinating world of strata common spaces and reveal how you can infuse them with life and uniqueness. From transforming lobbies into fitness hubs to hosting rooftop movie nights, we’ll show you how to redefine the way you use these communal areas.

Lobbies and hallways

Common spaces are the collective heartbeat of your strata-titled paradise. They’re where your community comes together, where friendships are born, and where shared memories are created. Let’s delve into these spaces and discover their true potential. High traffic ares that you pass through daily, can be more than just a gateway to your lot. With a little creativity, many areas within Strata Properties can be enhanced to create a welcoming space that you and your neighbours can call home.

Artwork is a great way to brighten up these spaces. If your building is in a notable area, or if the building has a number of younger residents, having some eye catching pieces that connect community to the building are great ways to use the space. There may be a resident in your building that wants to own this project and put forward ideas to the council.


Elevators are also a high-traffic area. Consider putting some eye-catching signage that not only guides residents but also tells stories, shares quirky facts, or showcases local events. Consider putting a message out to residents with a guide on how to supply or provide flyers for the lifts and what kinds of flyers should be displayed. It may include a list of suggestions such as, local community or school events, charity events, performances or information sessions.

Gardens and outdoor spaces

Picture gardens that resemble a work of art. Regular upkeep ensures these outdoor oases are a visual feast. Trim those trees, mow those lawns, and keep the irrigation flowing for a natural spectacle and a place for residents to enjoy the outdoors. Unlike larger, green-titled blocks, apartment or strata buildings often have a smaller footprint meaning that garden spaces, even small ones, are a welcomed treat.

Community gardens have become a very popular addition to strata properties. Considered an environmental upgrade, these spaces are easier to update as a Strata Company and they often foster a sense of pride and community connection.

Dining spaces and common entertaining

Many strata-titled properties have space for BBQ’s and outdoor entertaining. These spaces are a great opportunity for residents to enjoy a great door entertaining area and with a few small upgrades, can be an even better spot for entertaining. Consider assembling an outdoor entertaining kit, that can be stored alongside your outdoor entertaining area. This kit, or box, can include some outdoor candles, tablecloths. festoon lighting and mosquito coils – things that residents can use to transform the space and shared by everyone.

There are many other things your Strata Company can do to enhance common areas. Keep in mind that many things may require Council approval, so if you have any ideas or suggestions talk to your elected Council members or Strata Manager for a guide on how to initiate these requests.