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As of December 14th 2020, wheel calming rules in Western Australia have changed. 

  • Wheel clamping to control private parking has been banned in Western Australia
  • Wheel clamping as a private parking enforcement measure to become a $5,000 offence
  • This is in line with other States where the practice has been outlawed.
  • Wheel clamping refers to all means of vehicle immobilisation, including wheel boots and other devices such as Barnacles, which attach to a vehicle’s windscreen.

What does this mean for Strata?

Wheel clamping has often been a measure used to control illegal parking on Strata Complexes and other private property. As of December 14th, 2020, wheel clamping can no longer be used as a control measure.

If a driver parks somewhere they are not authorised to park, or do not comply with the parking terms and conditions in a private property parking area, a number of measures can still be taken.

Please see our article on problem parking:

Remember, drivers have a responsibility to determine if they are allowed to park somewhere and comply with any terms and conditions of parking on private property.

It is not ok to park somewhere just because the bays are vacant. Even for businesses, parking on private property is not allowed even if it’s outside business hours, you aren’t going to be very long, there are plenty of vacant spaces, you have parked there before, or simply because other vehicles are parked there.