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Previously Strata Companies were restricted when altering or improving common property. They were only allowed to use strata funds to maintain, repair, renew or replace. The amendments to the Strata Titles Act, which came into effect on May 1st 2020, empower strata companies to improve the common property – not just maintain and repair.

If a Strata Company would like to improve the common property, and the cost is greater than $500.00 per lot (as per draft STR) then it must be approved by Special Resolution.

A special resolution is passed when more than 50% vote for the motion, and less than 25% vote against both in number of votes and units of entitlement. A special resolution is open for 28 days. 

Sustainability infrastructure  

The exception of the above rule, is if it is for sustainability infrastructure. Sustainability infrastructure improvements, such as solar panels, onto common property can be authorised via an ordinary resolution.

An Ordinary resolution is passed by a majority vote.

Sustainability infrastructure means infrastructure that is designed or is likely to avoid, remedy or mitigate adverse effects on the environment. Examples are:

  • LED lighting upgrades & lighting sensors
  • energy saving controls for fans and pumps
  • water & energy meters and monitoring
  • solar panels
  • installation of bike racks or clothes lines
  • increasing the green spaces ie gardens, veggie patch
  • wastewater recycling
  • rainwater tanks

If you would like to put forward a resolution for improvements to your common property, please talk to your Strata Manager who can help you put forward a motion.